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Kitesurfing  is  a  lifestyle!

This  is  what  I  promote.  My  kitesurfing  courses  are  designed  for  maximum  enjoyment,  developing  skills  in  chosen  areas  - and  giving  you  all  the  correct  tools  and  guidance  to  achieve  your  goals.  Student’s  safety,  lesson  quality  and  advanced  teaching  methods  are  all  part  of  my  approach  to  getting  you  kitesurfing  to  the  best  of  your  ability  in  the  safest  and  most  efficient  way  possible.



Private lessons

From the very beginning, the entire focus of your lesson is on you. Everyone has their own learning style and optimal pace; and with a private lesson, the highly qualified Dansk Sejlunion instructor will tailor the lesson plans specifically with you in mind. With this option you will learn the most in the shortest amount of time.

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Semi-private lessons

The semi-private lessons are designed for those who wish to learn to kite together with a friend on a budget. Don‘t worry, I do a maximum of two students per instructor so you will still receive the highest quality of professional teaching. You will be equipped with a radio on your helmet to keep in touch with me to maximize your progression.

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A little bit rusty? Or you need to get familiar with new gear, our area, or deal with one specific issue such and self launch? Have you taken kitesurfing lessons elsewhere and want to pick up where you left off? We can seamlessly move forward in your learning progression with a custom refresher lesson.

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New to the sport and want to give it a try? This introductory lesson will get you flying a full-sized power kite. This lesson is NOT merely theory, it's highly interactive. After this lesson, you'll know for sure if you'd like to commit to the private lessons. The cost of this lesson will be applied to the cost of the course, so you can continue along seamlessly.

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Why choose KBkitesurfing school?



Certified school

I strictly follow Dansk Sejlunion standards in terms of insurance, teaching methods and safety requirement. That allows me to issue a diploma showing your skill level. This measurable skill level makes it easy to see your progression and the skills you have obtained.


Wind guarantee

If wind and weather conditions are inappropriate, the lesson will be rescheduled.


Long experience

The wind and other riders are often unpredictable. Therefore I have certification, insurance, and quality gears but none of this matters as much as my 15 years experience in the world of kitesurfing.


High quality gears

Kitesurfing has a lot to do with choosing the right equipment that suits to your level and the wind conditions. I have chosen extremely user friendly gear that will satisfy you 100%.

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Brøndby Strand

Not very frequented because there is no parking space by the beach. Otherwise, it's a quiet and safe place to...


Totally underrated spot. There tons of space, shallow water and very few kiters. The place to be!...


Arguably the best spot allover Sjaelland! Perfect place to learn and progress....


A very beginner-friendly although the water is sometime a bit choppy....


Great spot with amazing scenery! You will only share the spot with... cows!...

Café Sylten

Flat water spot, great for a beginner if you manage to surf around the rocks......


Probably not the most beginner friendly spot however it's very accessible and the panoramic view on Roskilde is worth it....


Fantastic spot! It has it all... Flat water, shallow water, beautiful scenery......


Really nice spot that works with most directions. You will often see foiler there....

Vallø camping

Flat water or small waves? It's up to you. Here you'll find both....


Most popular spot for good reasons. It is very beginner friendly when not to crowded......


Kind of a secret spot... The wind is rather steady and the water pretty flat....


  • Jeg følte mig hele tiden tryg under Jonas’ supervision
    Jeg har aldrig kitesurfet før. Og udover min lyst og fascination af sporten har måske også været lidt intimideret overfor vindens kræfter, de tynde liner og den generelle risiko for…
  • Jeg følte mig tryg hele tiden
    Jeg fik en god fornemmelse af naturkræfterne ved kitesurfing og vil helt sikkert lære mere. Jeg synes der var en god balance mellem det du forklarede om teori og det…
  • clear and direct guidance
    I would recommend Jonas to everyone who wants to get a great introduction to the sport and to quickly learn how to kitesurf!I had no experience of either surfing or…
  • I know feel confident to go out
    Kiteboarding always seemed out of reach for me. But thanks to Jonas and his technical and safe learning, I managed to handle it in a few hours. I know feel…
  • Tikrai galim rekomenduoti Joną kaip kaitavimo instruktorių
    Ačiū Jonui už kaitavimo kursus ir kad išmokino mus kaitavimo pagrindų, kad galėtume patys toliau mokintis. Dabar liko tik praleisti daug valandų ant vandens. Jonas labai geras instruktorius, kuris ne…
  • Passion, dedication to his students
    Jonas is a wonderful teacher. I wanted to learn kitesurf and took one to one lessons with him. He made me feel safe. Jonas’s patience, his comforting presence on the…
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